At a time when Alberta is producing and selling more oil and gas than ever before, is it time for Alberta to return to the wisdom and courage of former Premier Peter Lougheed whose six key principles for our petroleum natural wealth management were:

  1. Act like an owner
  2. Collect your fair share
  3. Save for a rainy day
  4. Add value
  5. Go slowly
  6. Emphasize competence in government

Why is it that Albertans are receiving less in royalties per $1.00 of oil and gas product sales than in our history? (see graph). This is without the addition of new pipelines. Can Albertans be receiving more of their fair share of this natural wealth similar to what Peter Lougheed was able to secure during his tenure (averaging $0.28 per $1.00 of oil and gas sales vs. less than $0.05 in 2018)? In comparison Norway has average $0.50 on every $1.00 of oil and gas sales between 1986-2018.

Come on Alberta, its time to start acting like an owner and collect our fair share of the economic rents with industry as healthy partners in building a #wellbeingeconomy for #Alberta

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  • Darryl says:

    Thank You Mark.
    I concur.
    Longer term comparable data always appreciated.
    It should be shown and/or noted that before Lougheed … Strom and Manning set up the framework for the Alberta ERCB, and ensured that Natural Gas and Sulfur would be separated, sold, and utilized, rather than simply flared off as previously. And since Stelmach … Redford, Hancock, and Prentice continued the betrayal of Alberta.

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