Privacy Policies for Anielski Management Inc.

  • Any personal data Anielski Management Inc. or Mark Anielski (president and chief economist of Anielski Management Inc.) collects using your personal Well-being Survey will be kept strictly confidential 
  • Any personal well-being survey results data will be stored temporarily (no more than 100 days) in an Excel spreadsheet maintained by Mark Anielski on his personal computer
  • Your email address is used only to email you your personal Well-being Survey response information and will not be shared, sold or otherwise given to others.
  • Your Well-being Survey data is simply used to provide you with your own personal well-being profile.
  • Some Well-being Survey results are used by Mark Anielski for the purposes of well-being research conducted by Mark Anielski; all data used ensures anonymity of individual survey respondents stripping off any  personal identification characteristic such as email address, location, age, sex or household income from the data files.
  • The survey data is not shared with any other individuals, organizations, businesses, government agencies or other parties.
  • Only Mark Anielski has access and use of survey data. 
  • Survey respondents are free to contact Mark Anielski ( at any time with questions or other information about the Well-being Survey.