Yasushi Ohki is my next guest on the Economics of Well-being Podcast.

Yasushi is the founder and director of Green Violin, an Edmonton-based community development company with a mission to improve the well-being of our neighborhoods by building innovative spaces where sustainable housing and community come together.

We spoke about his vision for building affordable housing in which you and I as neighbours and investors can support the building of homes that are affordable to the most economically challenged members of our neighbourhoods.

Yasushi has adopted a well-being-by-design approach to affordable housing development. We have co-designed investment instruments that would allow local investors to invest directly into community asset development that generates a genuine well-being return on investment.
Yasushi was raised in Edmonton. He has degrees in civil engineering (UofA) and architecture (UBC). For over 22 years, he has worked in the land development industry, including greenfield development, infill residential construction and project management.

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