Mark Anielski has developed a unique mastery in measuring and accounting for well-being conditions in communities, businesses and nations in Canada and internationally using the integrated five-capitals accounting model with stunning visualization of well-being indicators.

Mark Anielski discovered over 30 years ago that the word well-being is at the heart of most of the words used in economics and business.

The word ‘wealth’ originates from the Middle English (13th Century) word wela-th which literally means ‘the conditions of well-being.’

The Greek word for happiness (eudaimonia) meaning ‘well-being of spirit or soul’.

Combined these important two words with the original Greek root word for economy (oikos-nomia), meaning ‘household stewardship’ you have the foundation of what we call the economics of well-being.

I bring a unique and practical approach to measuring progress and success using a model Mark developed called Genuine Wealth. In plain language, the basis of orienting our lives towards a good life means measuring performance and progress in terms of conditions of well-being of mind, body, spirit and the natural environment.

My work adopts the best attributes of conventional accounting and economic analysis through the science of well-being lenses thereby helping decision makers make sense of a complex array of statistics and data presented in creative formats. This empowers decision makers to better understand the interrelationships between the many factors that contribute to the overall well-being of communities and societies.

We help you stay focused on measuring what matters most to the well-being of households, businesses and communities.

In short, as Robert Kennedy once said in 1968, we measure the things that make life worthwhile.