Can I calculate a Well-being ROI on our programs and services? The answer is without reservation YES. Measuring well-being impacts of programs, services, capital and operating expenditures is possible. Indeed it is the best way to account for the value of money, taxes and spending to our shareholders and care-holders. I have developed a mastery in measuring well-being in all its dimensions. Here are all the services I can offer to help you fulfill your needs:

Well-being Assessments

We conduct comprehensive well-being baseline assessments for municipalities, businesses and any organization wanting to assess the well-being conditions of their human, social-cultural, natural, built and financial capital assets and how these assets contribute to the well-being of individuals, households and businesses in communities.

First Nations Well-Being Assessments

We conduct holistic well-being assessments in service to First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities in their aspirations for economic self-determination. These assessment are in alignment with indigenous laws, traditional use values and indigenous principles of well-being.

Personal Soul Print Assessments

We have developed a unique personal well-being survey tool we call Soul Print that can be used to assess your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being as well as the well-being of your household, your workplace and your community.

Well-being Impact & Value Analysis

We have developed unique economic and financial impact analysis methods to measure the well-being value and impacts of programs and services of any organization or government programs or service.

Well-being-based Budgeting

Well-being based budgeting is our latest innovation in well-being economics whereby the well-being ROI (returns on investment) of capital and operating budgets can be determined thereby allowing decision makers to measure and verify the well-being value for taxes and budgets.

Well-being Impact Investment

Adopting the integrated five-capital Genuine Wealth accounting and measurement tools, we have developed a unique analysis protocol that allows individual investors, impact investment fund managers and others to measure and verify the well-being impacts of their investments in various asset classes.

Keynotes & Workshops

Mark Anielski conducts customized well-being assessment workshops related to workplace well-being, employee well-being, well-being analytics and customer value well-being impact assessments for any size organization, business or government department. Learn how to apply the Well-being Accounting and Assessment model and tools developed by Mark that will lead to improvements in the well-being and happiness of employees, tenants and customers of any organization, small or large.

Business Consulting

Mark Anielski specializes in well-being economics providing a range of strategic economic advisory services to businesses, First Nations, non-profit organizations, and governments (municipal, provincial and national). Our services include: Genuine Wealth and Well-being Assessments, Well-being Impact Analysis of Public Policies, Well-being Impact Measurement in Banking and Impact Investment, Natural Capital Accounting, Happiness and Well-being Measurement and Indices & Community Well-being Economic Development and Strategic-Business Planning.