Graham Boyd joins me today (April 29, 2021) on the Economy of Well-being podcast to discuss his insights into theoretical physics, regenerative businesses, the truth about mathematical probabilities, solutions to solving income inequality, the true nature of coin toss statistics, Jack Ma’s Love Quotient (LQ) algorithm and other subjects vital to operating an economy of well-being.

Graham and I met at Robert Dellner’s home in Woking, England 3 years ago. Robert and I have been exploring the creation of well-being-based Impact Investment Funds and management protocols. He is the co-author of a new book “Rebuild the Economy, Leadership and You: A tool kit for a better world” with economist Jack Reardon.Graham has been educated in theoretical physicist in Germany and is a practical business person who believes in the notion of regenerative businesses, integrated spiral dynamics and the wisdom of ecosystems as a model for an economy of well-being.

He believes we can rise, phoenix-like, from today’s burning global challenges. He believes that all of us, and our children, can thrive in the coming decades, because we can build a regenerative global economy: an ecosystem of regenerative businesses.

Graham is passionate about building business ecosystems that work because everything is whole, from each individual involved through to the entire business ecosystem.Today he applies his expertise gathered across three careers (theoretical particle physics, Procter and Gamble new product management, serial startups) to bring that vision to reality. He helps others incubate regenerative startups and is now starting a seed stage investment fund for ecosystems of regenerative startups. 

Graham consults to multi-nationals and start-ups on harnessing conflict to drive their own regeneration. All based on whole incorporation, where all capitals and all stakeholders have an equitable right to engage in governance and an equitable share of the wealth generated. Companies that are whole because every element is present, and every element is whole in itself.

Graham was born and raised in Southern Africa, finished his studies in Germany. He has lived and worked in Germany, Italy, Japan, Belgium, China, and the UK. In his spare time he enjoys being in forests and mountains, both hiking and riding.

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