In April 2018 I was invited to give a keynote address titled What’s Our Bottom Line: Wealth, Winning or Well-being at Singapore’s iconic Fullerton Hotel, which is owned by Singaporean billionaire Philip Ng of the Far East Organization. Philip’s private real estate enterprise builds and operates some of the most beautiful office buildings, hospitals and hotels in the world. I conducted two lunch-and-learn workshops with senior executive of the $40 billion Far East Organization on the subject of building well-being-based enterprises and workplaces. We also explored how well-being could become integrated into building design whereby workers would experience higher levels of overall well-being.

In addition to my meetings and consultation to the Far East Organization, I conducted a two hour workshop on the nature of money and our relationship with money as a guest of Singapore’s Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST) which provides graduate studies in theology. They would be my wonderful hosts.

Singapore impressed me as a working model of an economy of well-being, with its remarkable infrastructure, productive and passionate people, one of the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund, its superb public housing model. Singapore is a model of a flourishing economy