The Opaskwayak Cree Nation based in northern Manitoba (adjacent to The Pas) is the first First Nation in Canada to have adopted the Genuine Wealth assessment model for measuring and governing the well-being of this First Nation. A well-being-based approach to decision making and budgeting will put Opaskwayak on a good path towards establishing a vibrant economy of well-being.

The Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN) 2020 Well-being Report provides a portrait of the current well-being conditions of the people, culture and lands of OCN. Similar to financial statements, the Well-being Report provides critical information on the state of OCN’s human, social-cultural, built, natural and economic assets that contribute to the well-being of the Nation.

A community Well-being Survey was conducted between April and November 2020 that asked OCN adults and youth to self-assess their quality of life, happiness, health, economic and work life, OCN culture, and the quality of their relationship with others. The results provide a different picture of well-being that shows subjective well-being using a range of well-being indicators presented in a beautiful medicine wheel of well-being graphical image. Based on the survey results for life-satisfaction, the people of Opaskwayak would have ranked #3 amongst the world’s happiest nations in 2020 after Finland and Iceland and Switzerland, and ahead of 15th ranked Canada.

The OCN Well-being Report represents a well-being check-up about how people are feeling about their overall quality of life and well-being. Measures of well-being will guide OCN’s community strategic plan and future planning and annual budgeting that will focus on improving quality of life for the Nation.