Podcast #71: March 4, 2021

Chief Larry Sault is the former Chief of the Mississaugas of New Credit and former Grand Chief of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians in Southwestern Ontario, which Six Nations was a founding member. The traditional territory of the Six Nations includes the city of Toronto. 

Larry’s maternal connection to Six Nations (Iroquois) is from his mother and both great-grandmothers. Through this maternal lineage, Larry is from the Mohawk Wolf Clan. On the paternal Mississauga Nation side, he is from the Eagle Clan.

Larry  spent more than a decade in the Silicon Valley in the Financial Services Industry.

Larry is a remarkable leader with a ‘get-er-done’ philosophy to life.

“I am a hands-on, ‘get-er-done’ person willing to climb the mountains that are before us. I believe in planning and ensuring we build a strong foundation. I believe in policy and regulatory processes that govern and guide our institutions – BUT our policies should be friendly, allowing for innovation and creativity. I believe in negotiating the best deals possible. But at the end of the day, let’s stop the talking and all the rhetoric, let’s see some production and let’s seize the opportunities that are in our grasp.”

Larry brings over 25 years of dynamic leadership of working with First Nations in Canada, Native American Tribes in the United States, Arctic Inuit, Maori of New Zealand and Aborigine of Australia. He has held key positions in political leadership, private sector corporations and non-profit organizations.

Larry helped co-create Sault Minds a business focused on monetizing the development of First Nations lands, creating commercial innovations unique to First Nations communities, and managing First Nations wealth to the betterment of today, tomorrow and generations to come. The company’s business model is to fund and commercialize opportunities unique to Indigenous Peoples and provide the support and infrastructure to go-to-market successfully.

You can learn more about Larry’s ideas and current work at https://chieflarrysault.com/

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