Brynja Magnusson is my next special guest on the Economy of Well-being podcast. Brynja has Icelandic cultural roots and lives in upstate New York. Her life journey (only 28 years and counting) has led her soaring heights of wisdom and insights to who we are, our purpose for being on earth. Her insights into indigenous animal totems and the ancient Chinese I Ching helps people understand the real nature of their being and life purpose.

Growing up between the lush forests of New York and the mossy lava fields of Iceland, Brynja has been immersed in nature spirituality since childhood. For over 10 years she has been studying the use of animal totems and the I Ching as a practical tool for guidance and self-awareness. After several life-altering spiritual encounters in nature resulting in the recovery from chronic illness, the study of spirituality has been her sole focus and career through modalities such as Shamanism, Eastern Spirituality, manual therapies, rituals, initiations, and nature immersion.

Brynja integrates tools such as Human Design and the Gene Keys with the study of symbolic and mystical modalities. In 2019 Brynja created Ceremoniance, a company dedicated to producing visual and text learning materials to make the study of energetics and spiritual concepts more accessible for beginners or cross-disciplinary students. Ceremoniance uses art and design as the medium for bridging inspiration, interest, and understanding to meaningful wisdom tools.  Brynja has published four products through Ceremoniance since the company’s creation one year ago, of which she is the sole artist, designer, and writer.

Instagram: @ceremoniance

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